I was born in Soria, Spain. Soria is the smallest and coldest city in Spain, but the most beautiful one. Soria´s countryside, wild horses, wolves, deers, foxes, golden eagles... is a place where you can still drink the water of the rivers and lakes.

My father is a doctor; so are his father, grandfather and greatgrandfather. My mother is a nurse.
When I was a child they used to travel a lot, working in many diferent places. They always came back with  beautifull color slides and all the family and friends waited for them to turn off the lights to look at the projected pictures at home:  Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, México, Peru, Chile,  The Amazon, Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Florence, Denmark, Sweden...I was fascinated with the pictures and the places where they travelled. But I was not prepared to be a doctor, too dificult for me.

I can´t remember when I took my first photo, but I remember the days in the darkroom with my mother. She teached me to develop radiographies, and my first black and white rolls. I still do that today. I said to myself, "I´m a photographer, and I want to translate emotions, feelings, insignificant moments with my camera".

Some years later in 1991, I was accepted in the cinematography course at The National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield, U.K. Over four years I learned from my Master "Walter Lassally" that filmmaking is alive, movement,  and that  it counts in every single day and minute in my life.